Save time and money on disbursements

Move claim payments and other disbursements online, away from paper checks

Stand out to your customers with next-day direct bank account disbursements

No more paper check handling and processing. Reduce calls from customers waiting for checks to arrive

Multiple payee disbursements made simple – for you and your customers

Quickly arrange to make VerifiedACH™ payouts on your website or app

Significant Savings
Over Checks

Fast availability
of funds

Our VerifiedACHTM delivers funds as soon as next business day. Meanwhile, traditional ACH has your customers waiting 3 to 6 days, and checks can take 1 to 2 weeks!

Keep your
customers close

PayWithMyBank protects the exclusive relationship between you and your customer. There’s no customer sign-up with PayWithMyBank. We promote your brand on our service and transactions appear on bank statements as yours. You remain in control.

Customer experience 100% within your site

PayWithMyBank allows your customers to log into their account and accept the deposit entirely within your site. Fewer clicks, faster results, and a friendly customer experience.

Reduce fees and
payment delays

No account to create. No new password to remember.

Your customers simply enter the online banking ID and password that they know by heart. 83% of Americans have their online banking credentials memorized2—more than any other payment account.

Quick and Easy

Payouts such as insurance claims have never been easier. Your customer simply signs into your site, logs into their bank though our secure connection, and accepts the deposit. No more waiting for checks in the mail. No more taking pictures of checks or making trips to the bank.

Go green with PayWithMyBank

Did you know that for every 10,000 checks not issued, you save:


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2) 83% of Panel have memorized their online banking username and password. Source: 1) Survey of 536 US consumers, ages 18-54, evenly split male/female, who have paid a bill online or purchased online in the past 3 months. Margin of error: ± 5%. Conducted by uSamp on Oct 8, 2012.

3) PayItGreen Alliance and NACHA Study, as reported by rapid!PayCard, April 20, 2015, “Go Green for Earth Day with ePayroll”; Schildgen, B. July, 2014, “Green Life: How Much Paper does One Tree Produce?” Sierra,