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Offer online payment options for everyone – including those who don’t have or prefer not to use credit cards.


of Americans DON’T have or prefer to AVOID Credit Cards1

Get Access to Over 172 Million Consumers

Save Time and Money on Payment Processing

Quickly arrange to accept online bank payments

Save money on costly credit card fees – on average 3% of each transaction

Eliminate the headaches of incorrectly-entered or unfunded eChecks

Ship goods sooner with a verified funds payment

Quickly track payment activity with powerful reporting

Increase profits by reducing fees and shipping delays!

Save 50% or More Versus Credit Cards

Note: Table reflects current published list prices.

Delight your customers with the most convenient way to pay

All they need is an online bank account – no card or routing numbers to enter – just the ID and password they know by heart.

83% of people who use online banking have their ID and password memorized3

Hear what people have to say about PayWithMyBank

Gordon Daily


“We deployed PayWithMyBank as an alternative to credit and debit cards because our customers wanted a payment method that didn’t require them to reach into their pockets and punch in a bunch of numbers, especially on mobile devices. Our customers prefer PayWithMyBank because they can pay in seconds and start watching video sooner. We love PayWithMyBank because our chances of completing the sale are increased dramatically.”



“Just a few clicks, quick and painless. I liked it.”


1) 29% of poll respondents report they do not have a credit card. Source: Gallup Survey, April 2014, Holmes, T. November 6 2014, “Credit Card Ownership Statistics”.

22% of US adults are “hard core debit users”. 28% of US adults are “reluctants” weaning off credit card use. Source: Fiorio, L., Mau, R., Steitz, J., Welander, T., May 2014, “New Frontiers in Credit Card Segmentation: Tapping Unmet Consumer Needs”, McKinsey’s On Payments

2) Number of US credit and debit cardholders, 2012 US Census, Percentage of Individuals using the Internet, International Telecommunication Union branch of United Nations, August 2012.

3) 83% of Panel have memorized their online banking username and password. Source: 1) Survey of 536 US consumers, ages 18-54, evenly split male/female, who have paid a bill online or purchased online in the past 3 months. Margin of error: ± 5%. Conducted by uSamp on Oct 8, 2012.