PayWithMyBank is the Convenient Way to Pay and Get Paid Online

AS EASY AS 1-2-3

Pay With Money You Have

More than ever before, Americans understand the risks and pitfalls of relying on credit cards. With PayWithMyBank, you can now shop and pay online directly through your online banking. We verify that your balance is sufficient, so you never need worry about fees or spending money you don’t have.

Pay and Get Paid in Seconds

Paying and receiving payments with PayWithMyBank is as easy as it gets. Using our secure connection, you simply log into your online banking without ever leaving the merchant site. There’s no sign up, no card or bank numbers to enter, no billing info to provide. All you need is the bank login that you know by heart!

No account to create.

Managing all your online accounts and passwords can be overwhelming. Major retailers receive hundreds of thousands of forgotten password requests daily. With PayWithMyBank, there is no account to create, no new passwords to remember. Simply use our secure connection to log in to your existing online banking, without ever leaving the merchant or provider site.

Protect Yourself and Your Customers

Ensure strong customer data protection – PayWithMyBank tokenizes bank account data and is SSAE18 (SOC1/SOC2) compliant

PayWithMyBank security is the same as the customer’s bank security – and they are in complete control of their online banking ID and password at all times

By authenticating the payer, PayWithMyBank assures you of your customer’s intent to pay

Reduce your transaction failures and protect your customers from costly overdrafts – PayWithMyBank only shows accounts that are funded for this transaction

Unlimited 24/7 online support 365 days a year